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The UK sports market has been dominated for many years by the big brands. High sponsorship costs and price control policies have also been a feature of these companies , limiting the choice and purchasing options of the consumer . In 2005 we decided it was time for a change.
Sourcing throughout Europe and Asia for new and different ideas , we found some superb options for the UK market with style and quality equal or better than many  existing  UK companies and after careful selection chose 4 superb brands with different styles and price ranges to bring to you  , the UK public, we are  very proud of the association we have with these companies and here on our site you can examine and see for yourself what we have found. 
Take a tour  and look at the exciting things we at Olympia have to offer we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Exclusive Brands....
Familiar Names.

We pride ourselves on bringing new , exciting ideas and  brands to you  but we know that sometimes you want to add to your club's or company's existing range.
Whether you want something different or to top up we can guarantee you fantastic prices and quality embroidery and design.

Not just sportswear..........

The Olympia team has over 20 years experience in embroidery, design and printing. We are experts in bringing you the articles you want  , how you want.
Workwear, Hens , Stags and Schoolwear are all available at amazing prices.Contact us for a quote - You won't be disappointed!